Where do kids go to trick or treat in the city?

I grew up in the suburbs and when Halloween came around, my friends and I would go door to door in our costumes and check out all of the spooky decorations in the neighborhood. It was always my favorite holiday.

On door steps, we’d sing the usual ghoulish chants (“trick or treat, smell my feet, gimme something good to eat”) or impersonate the inspiration of our costumes (growls, purrs, and politic catchphrases). The bags in hand slowly grew in volume as we wandered from makeshift horror mazes and porches decked in cobwebs.

So now that I officially live in a city (formerly, my residences had only been college towns where children were very sparse), I can’t help but wonder where do the children who live in these urban pockets in Los Angeles go out on Halloween? Apartment complexes rarely become fright-centric in appearance like the houses in my youth, and with their gated front entrances and locked front doors, I doubt any kids could even get in.

So, where do they go?